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What is 'Traditional Price'?Updated 2 years ago

The price you pay with other brands and retailers has a huge amount of profit margin built into it to take into account the mass amounts of products produced that aren’t sold, the sky high return rates that most modern brands face and a chunky margin for retailers. 

High street brands operate on a 5-6x markup model on every item. This means that if an items costs them £10, they’ll sell it for £50. The reason for such a high charge is that their model is full of waste, which eats up profits. 

This is Unfolded is different! We reduce waste in our supply chain, and this allows us to operate on a 3-3.8x markup which allows us to pay all the relevant taxes, fund the Unfolded Worker Fund, support children in education in Pratham, cover all logistics costs, offset carbon emission and then pay our staff and fund our growth.   

We highlight this as we stand behind our mission to make a great product for a great price. Clothes that do good, feel good and make a difference! 

You’ll see the traditional price shown on the product page so that you can see how much our items would typically cost.

Importantly to us, there isn’t a compromise on quality when you buy from This is Unfolded – we’re using high quality fabrics. Our focus is on reducing all the waste in the traditional retail model and this means we can provide a better deal to everyone involved. 

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