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About This is Unfolded

Why This is Unfolded?

This is Unfolded is a new way of shopping. We make affordable, sustainable clothes that look good and do good. In a response to the fast fashion industry continuing to destroy the planet, we are changing the model of shopping and building a movement

Why shop with us?

When you shop with us, you shop in a whole new way:. Good for the planetThere’s far less waste because we produce clothes by demand, plus we’re doing lots more to be sustainable. Read more. Good for peopleWith every order you’ll support the learning

How do I join the This is Unfolded community?

The journey doesn’t end here!. It’s a movement to shop better and do more, and you’re part of it!. Now you’re part of the This is Unfolded community, there’s so much more you can do. Share a picture of your clothes and use the hashtag #thisisunfolded

What is 'Traditional Price'?

The price you pay with other brands and retailers has a huge amount of profit margin built into it to take into account the mass amounts of products produced that aren’t sold, the sky high return rates that most modern brands face and a chunky margin

Tell me about the clothes

This is Unfolded makes affordable, sustainable clothes that look good and do good. Our collections are designed to bring you pieces with versatility in mind, so they can fit any wardrobe or occasion. We're always inspired by our community when it com

This is Unfolded - Gift Cards

We send out the gift cards by email directly to you when you buy one. You just need to forward it onto the lucky person you want to give a gift of good from This is Unfolded. The gift card recipient will add their email to the order, so they’ll recei

How do I provide feedback?

We are a brand unlike most others. One way we are different is the way we involve our customers and our community in decision making all the way through the process, from ideas to design. Patterns or prints? Pockets or no pockets? We want to make goo