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Why This is Unfolded?Updated 2 years ago

This is Unfolded is a new way of shopping. We make affordable, sustainable clothes that look good and do good.

In a response to the fast fashion industry continuing to destroy the planet, we are changing the model of shopping and building a movement to change fashion into a force for good.

Our clothes
We launch new collections of clothing every few months, and we only sell each collection for a short period of time. (
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All our clothes are made after we take orders. That means that it takes a little longer to get them, but it is worth the wait, and this new model of shopping makes a huge impact on reducing industry waste.

Why we are different
We’re not in the business of throwaway fashion. All our pieces are designed to flexible, wearable, comfortable and stylish. They can be styled up or styled down and should seamlessly slip into your wardrobe.

We create our collections with you, our community of customers – shoppers who love good clothes and are looking to shop better. Our creators are trendsetters in every sense of the word, and you help us shape the collections right from the start, offering feedback on patterns, styles and fabrics.

We're totally committed to making sure workers are paid more as we scale up the business. Until that point we’ve created the Unfolded Worker Fund to help to provide additional payments to workers linked to every purchase.

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