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Our production processUpdated 2 years ago

While our production process only starts after you order, it isn’t a ‘made to order’ model - which is quite a different setup. Each product has a number of elements that need to be cut, stitched and finished - and amending these beyond the existing range of sizes and designs is not possible. The dimensions for each size are entered into a computer system to calculate the most efficient way to cut the fabric so that no unnecessary wastage is created. Each section of the garment is then cut in layers, then stitched and finished. You can read the full story of the product journey 

Adding different options would require new setups at the factory, and that would impact both price and finishing time, and this is quite a different model to how This is Unfolded works - and why we’re able to offer affordable, sustainable clothes the way that we do.

We have to operate a size curve of orders. This is a traditional size 6 - 24. As we scale we can explore options around petite and tall ranges but only when we have the volumes required to make these viable for our partner factories. We fit all products on a model with a height of 5,5 and if you go to the customer section on each product you'll see a range of heights from our customer day shoot. As a small business, we're working to cater for a diverse as possible group of customers and as we grow we'll increase this.

If you want us to add more options to our clothing range please let us know here

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