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How do I swap?Updated 25 days ago

Unfolded has a growing community of like-minded shoppers, where you can swap anything that isn't right for you and get something else great instead. We offer free postage for your first swap, and we have a great swap offering, Swaps by Unfolded, plus a community on Facebook where we facilitate swapping and sharing - and lots more. You can read more about our amazing community here.

To swap, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Share what you have to swap on Swaps by Unfolded
  • Agree swap details with a swap buddy
  • Get your free postage label
  • Send your item
  • Look forward to receiving your new swapped item at your door.

It's simple, fun and great for the environment - returns are really quite damaging and costly, so swapping is a much better option. Thank you for doing things differently with us!

You can view our full swapping instructions here - and join the creator group on Facebook here.

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