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Clothes that do good - Our sustainability promiseUpdated 2 years ago

This is Unfolded make quality clothes that look good, feel good and do good.

We’re an impactful business looking to drive change. In the future, we’ll be looking to gain B-corp status. 

Sustainability is really important to us. First and foremost, sustainability for us means reducing the waste associated with overproduction. On top of that, we make sustainable decisions wherever we can.

We work with a charity partner to make donations with every purchase. We believe it’s important to have someone that really understands this work as a partner to maximise the impact that can be generated. 

Each purchase supports education for a child in India. The support given will increase the more items you add to your order. For example, each dress gives two months' support and a top, skirt or PJ supports a child for one month.

We also support workers directly through the Unfolded Worker Fund.

You can find out more about the impact of our collections on our Impact page

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